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We need 12 volunteers for the event.


The event will last 2 hours and the volunteers will be asked to help setup, greet, work the sign-in table, and hand out boxes of food. 


Must be able to lift at least 75 pounds


No skills, training, or previous knowledge needed.

Item Donation List

  • Package of rolls

  • 1 turkey

  • Canned yams

  • Canned corn

  • Canned peas or beans

  • Canned soup

  • Canned cranberry

  • 1 pie or cake

  • Box of stove top stuffing

  • Box of macaroni

  • Box of instant mashed potatoes

  • Cornbread mix

  • Pie crust mix

  • Canned pumpkin or fruit pie filling

  • Rice

  • Bag of sugar

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